The Role of a Reader
Readers are lay men and women, from a wide diversity of occupations and backgrounds, who recognize a call to serve God and his world through the Church. They work in a variety of roles and situations across the Church, being authorized by the Bishop to preach and teach, to conduct or assist in conducting worship, and to assist in the pastoral, evangelistic and liturgical work of the Church in the parish or area where they are licensed.

The Duties of a Reader
Readers may:
• Participate in worship, except those services and parts of services specifically excluded by Canon
• Read the Old or New Testament readings, Epistle or Gospel at any service
• Lead intercessions
• Receive and present the offerings of the congregation
• Distribute the consecrated bread and wine to the congregation as directed by the Minister
• Undertake pastoral and educational work under the guidance of the Minister
• Preach upon request

For more information, see the Diocesan Layreader Resource Page

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