Welcome to Saint George’s!
The Anglican Parish of the Five Saints

St. George’s Church is a downtown spiritual center where traditional Anglican liturgy, parishioners and the needs of our community are valued. We are responsive to the needs of our community, especially homelessness in Downtown Moncton, and are always looking for new partners in this essential ministry.

The Parish of Moncton was founded in 1849, and there has been a "St. George's Anglican Church" here ever since. Our current building was completed in 1935 with major renovations since completed to include an elevator wing, commercial kitchen facilities, and community bathrooms. Fully accessible by elevator, the building is comprised of the main Church, the Chapel of St. Mary and All Angels, the Church Hall, and the office.

While our Congregation is diverse in its make-up, with people from all walks of life, we are single-minded in concentrating on the downtown neighbourhood as our primary focus for mission and ministry. And, we believe that in order to be effective witnesses for Christ our souls and bodies must be regularly engaged in prayer. 

Who was Saint George?
And why is the building named after him?

Saint George was chosen by the early congregations of England to be their country's patron saint. There are many stories and legends concerning Saint George. We know that he was a Greek soldier, born in Cappodicia in the fourth century and martyred for his faith at Lydda, Palestine. From what has been passed down to the present day, we know he was undoubtedly a faithful servant of God.

The name of St. George was chosen by the congregation in 1852 to be the name of their new Anglican church in The Bend (as Moncton was then known).

This window of St. George was one of three included in the elevator addition, and was made by Schella Glass Studio of Moncton.

Want to learn more?

Here are two documents that give more history of the parish. We have much more information if you'd like it - please contact the office.