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Advent & Christmas Services

December 17th Advent III  
           8:00 a.m.        The Holy Eucharist                                                                                                          
           9:15 a.m.        Morning Prayer                                                                                                              
          10:00 a.m.       The Holy Eucharist                                                                                                            
           3:00 p.m.        The Greening of the Church                                                                                      
           5:00 p.m.        Evening Prayer followed by Supper and Caroling in the neighbourhood

December 24th  Advent IV – Morning Services
8:00 a.m.        The Holy Eucharist                                                                                                                     
         10:00 a.m.       Morning Prayer                                                                                                                   

December 24th Christmas Eve
           4:00 p.m.        The Holy Eucharist and Blessing of the Creche                                                                     
          11:00 p.m.      The Holy Eucharist 

Christmas Day Monday, December 25th  
          10:00 a.m.       Holy Eucharist
           5:00 p.m.         Evening Prayer

Feast of St. Stephen the Martyr Tuesday, December 26th         
          8:30 a.m.         Holy Eucharist
          5:00 p.m.         Evening Prayer                                                    

Feast of St. John the Evangelist Wednesday, December 27th    
          8:30 a.m.         Holy Eucharist
          5:00 p.m.         Evening Prayer

Feast of the Holy Innocents Thursday, December 28th           
         8:30 a.m.         Morning Prayer
        10:00 a.m.       Holy Eucharist
        5:00 p.m.         Evening Prayer

Sunday After Christmas Day, December 31st  
        8:00 a.m.         Holy Eucharist
        9:15 a.m.         Morning Prayer
      11:00 a.m.       Christmas Lessons & Carols – St. Philip’s (Lynch Street) with Pot-luck to follow
       5:00 p.m.         Evening Prayer

The First Sunday After the Epiphany, January 7th      
       8:00 a.m.       The Holy Eucharist
       9:15 a.m.       Morning Prayer
      10:00 a.m.     The Holy Eucharist with the Sunday School’s Epiphany Pageant   
      5:00 p.m.        Evening Prayer