Last Updated: June 17, 2021

St. George's is Open for Public Worship!

New Brunswick is now in phase two of its "Path to Green" plan. Click here to see details on the Government of New Brunswick website. Please note that mandatory masks, physical distancing, and cleaning requirements from the province are still in place.

Singing is permitted, but all participants/bubbles must be masked and 2 metres apart from one another. Groups of singers (ie. choirs) must be 4 metres from other people.

When Can I Come?

Please see a list of our service times and join us when you are able! (Or, see live-streaming information below).

What Do I Need to Do?

You do not need to pre-register to attend church. However to facilitate contact tracing in the event of a breakout, we are required to maintain a log of all attendees by the Province of New Brunswick. Please sign this logbook in the entry of the Church.

As COVID-19 cases continue, it is important for us to remain vigilant when we gather for worship and for other activities. Therefore, the Vestry requests that we all comply with the following protocols:

  1. Please sign in and sanitize your hands upon arrival;
  2. Please only sit with the people in your family in order to optimize seating space (to do this, ropes on pews may need to be adjusted/changed);
  3. For a better viewpoint or for more space, some seats are available in the Chancel, where the Choir would sit;
  4. Please wear a community mask for all worship and activities (as is mandated by the Government); and
  5. Please depart across the front of the Church and out the Chapel door; or please use the side aisle and depart by way of the elevator.  Thank you!

What If I am Feeling Unwell?

If you have symptoms or have been ordered to isolate, please stay at home. Call 811 or complete the Province of New Brunswick's self-assessment tool to see if you should get tested for COVID-19.


Join us for live-streams of worship services!

Access St. Georges's Live:

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To follow along, the Prayer Book Society of Canada's Online Book of Common Prayer may be useful. You may either download and save a PDF copy of the entire book, or access web versions of each section. If you want to follow along with a real book but do not have one, contact the church office and we can get one to you.

For the most recent information from the Government of New Brunswick relating to COVID-19, please visit